Feel great, be healthy

Socialising & Eating Out Top tips for healthy, enjoyable dining with friends

  • Instead of meeting friends for coffee/lunch/dinner, meet for a walk.You can still chat and be sociable while getting exercise and avoiding unnecessary foods.
  • Talk to your waiter/waitress. Many restaurants are happy to adjust a menu item slightly to keep a customer happy.
  • Order your meal without foods that are not on the Recommended Food List (e.g. chips, potato, rice etc). It is easier to avoid if it's not on your plate.
  • Have half a Keto Bar before you go out. It is easier to make the right food choice when you are not hungry.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Recommended Food List so you can easily recognise them on a menu. If you are not sure of the ingredients of a dish, ask your waiter/waitress to tell you.
  • Ask for all dressings/sauces to be served on the side. Substitute creamy salad dressings for a vinaigrette. Be aware of the hidden ingredients and sugars that can be included in many sauces.
  • Assess serving sizes in relation to your palm size and approximate handfuls. If the servings are too large, ask for a side plate to place excess food and have it taken away immediately.
  • Substitute more of one thing for less of another e.g if your meal is served with salad and chips, ask to substitute chips with more salad.
  • If you cannot resist ordering something for dessert, try ordering a black coffee or go for the cheese platter instead of cake/sweets.
  • If the restaurant has generous servings, ask for a main dish in a entrée size. Or you can order an entrée as a main.
  • If possible, have a look at the menu online before you go out. Make a note of the healthiest options or decide on what you are going to eat before you get there to avoid impluse decisions.
  • Avoid buffet and 'all you can eat' style restaurants.
  • Trim all visible fat from meat and skin from poultry.
  • If the establishment is unable or unwilling to alter a menu item, choose something else that is more suitable or find another place to eat if practical.
  • Avoid alcohol. If you must drink, set yourself a limit (in consultation with your Practitioner) and stick to it. The more 'tipsy' you become, the more you're likely to drink and your resolve to stick to your weight loss plan is lowered, making it more likely for food to be consumed.
  • Don't feel pressured to eat something because 'it's a special occasion'. There will be other special occasions once you have reached your goal.
  • Ask for a bottle or jug of water for the table and drink that instead of soft drinks, juices or alcohol.

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