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How Does Shake It Work? The six key principles of Shake It

The Shake It Program restricts sugars and high glycaemic index (GI) carbohydrates and provides adequate protein. Evidence supports that these dietary changes may improve fat burning, weight loss and help maintain a lean body composition.

A low carbohydrate, low GI diet can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, which can improve fat burning and reduce fat storage, while adequate protein can help to preserve muscle mass.

The Shake It Program encourages an improvement in body composition and supports toxin elimination from the body. Toxins can be stored in fat cells throughout the body, which can be liberated during weight loss, slowing down your metabolism and reducing your energy levels. By supporting detoxification regularly during the Shake It Program, weight loss will be more consistent and you will feel great.


The Shake It Program is based on six key principles, as outlined below:

  1. Consume two healthy, low carbohydrate meals per day consisting of:

    • A palm-sized portion of protein (the actual size and thickness of your own palm)
    • 3 handfuls of recommended vegetables; or
    • 1 handful of recommended fruit can replace 1 handful of recommended vegetables, once daily as part of meal.
    • Include moderate amounts of healthy oils as part of your daily diet.
  2. Substitute one meal per day with a Shake It Program shake, bar or soup:

    Note: After four consecutive weeks of the Shake It Program, Thermophase Detox Essentials is incorporated into the Program for two weeks. This will assist with gut health, liver and cellular detoxification processes.

  3. Consume two low carbohydrate snacks per day with each providing approximately 10 g to 13 g of protein. This could be either:

    • 1 Keto Snack Bar; or
    • ½ Keto Bar or Keto Crunch Bar
    • ½ serve of Shake It or Shake It Dairy Free
    • A portion of protein the size of three of your fingers (e.g. 1 to 2 eggs, 15 to 20 almonds, 2 slices of smoked salmon).
  4. Measure fat burning indicators twice daily with Ketostix®

  5. Regular exercise, aiming for 40 minutes, four times per week.

  6. Attend regular Practitioner consultations for ongoing support and motivation.

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