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About Shake It

Why Shake It?
Not just a meal substitute program
The Shake It Program is not just a meal substitute program, but is about creating healthier habits for life.
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What is Shake It?
Easy to follow, scientifically advanced
The Shake It Practitioner Weight Management Program (Shake It) is an easy to follow, scientifically advanced, weight loss program that has been proven to be both safe and effective. The Shake It Program incorporates a healthy and satisfying diet combined...
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How Does Shake It Work?
The six key principles of Shake It
The Shake It Program restricts sugars and high glycaemic index (GI) carbohydrates and provides adequate protein. Evidence supports that these dietary changes may improve fat burning, weight loss and help maintain a lean body composition.
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Practitioner Support
How your Practitioner can assist you
How Can Your Practitioner Help You? Sometimes weight loss is not as fast as we would like, or plateaus after a period of time. Different people face different obstacles when losing weight. Your Practitioner can assist you in overcoming these obstacles....
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